2.5” SATA III 6Gb/s (Ultimate)

Transcend SSD720 is the next generation of SATA 6 Gb / s III Solid State (SSD), the maximum data transfer rate of the previous Serial ATA doubles 3 Gb / s. Designed with power users in mind is multitasking, increased productivity SSD720 revolutionize the time of system startup, the startup speed of implementation, and overall system responsiveness.


Specification III, the combination of the latest SATA 6 Gb / s controller provides a powerful SandForce SSD720 the transfer rates of up to 560MB / s read and write 540 MB / sIn addition to these incredible sequential transfer rates, supports the SSD720 lightning fast file 4k random write IOPS to 93,000, with only 15 seconds to transfer a 4.7 GB DVD

Equipped with the best type of flash memory chips available MLC NAND modules 24 nm SSD720 the synchronous mode selector to work effectively with advanced SandForce controller, ideal for demanding applications such as multimedia computer systems and specialized high-end games . Supports Native Command Queuing (NCQ) adds to the capabilities and efficiency of the optimization SSD720 to read and write the order in which received instructions are executed.


Transcend SSD720To the size limitations of the modern ultra-Books, netbooks and laptops SSD720 a super-low height of only 7 mm versus 9.5 mm in most SSDs have to meet. Although small, 7mm SSD720 uses the same port on a SATA 2.5 "hard disk drive (HDD) to be used and is compatible with SATA II (3Gb / s) and SATA I (1.5Gb / s) options for excellent cross platform compatibility.


For your Transcend SSD to run fast, clean and free of errors, the extent of SSD advanced software available for download and work with SSD720. Scope SSD allows you to monitor the health SSD720 with SMART technology, select the TRIM command in the operating system to help maintain optimum write speeds, and ideally you update the firmware SSD, all user-friendly from a tool.


Transcend SSD720 BoxFor operating systems that do not support the TRIM command provides the SSD720 aggressive garbage collection and recycling system. To further increase the lifetime of SSD720, built-in wear leveling and error correction code (ECC) to ensure reliable transmission of continuous data. SSDs offer also includes a handy utility to help clone upgrade existing facilities to increase the performance SSD720 a quick and easy.


No moving parts, which not only offers SSD720 resistance to shock and vibration, but also offers low power consumption and cool, quiet operation, increasing the efficiency and lifetime of the batteries of the devices can help, such factors as thin and light. End of file operations faster by at least three times and the availability of ultra-low latency access by avoiding the disk "search time", is the drop-SSD720 the ideal replacement for standard rotating hard disks.

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